Team Brabham GP F1 Wins

The following list is all the winning teams of F1 Grand Prix races over the years for Brabham. Click on a driver, year or race to view more related details of other races for that driver, year or race track.

F1 Grand Prix Wins for Brabham

Total Team wins: 34
Year Driver Race Race Date
1985Nelson PiquetFrench07-07-85
1984Nelson PiquetCanadian17-06-84
1984Nelson PiquetDetroit24-06-84
1983Nelson PiquetItalian11-09-83
1983Nelson PiquetBrazilian13-03-83
1983Riccardo PatreseSouth African15-10-83
1983Nelson PiquetEuropean25-09-83
1982Nelson PiquetCanadian13-06-82
1982Riccardo PatreseMonaco23-05-82
1981Nelson PiquetGerman02-08-81
1981Nelson PiquetSan Marino03-05-81
1981Nelson PiquetArgentine12-04-81
1980Nelson PiquetItalian14-09-80
1980Nelson PiquetUnited States West30-03-80
1980Nelson PiquetDutch31-08-80
1978Niki LaudaItalian10-09-78
1978Niki LaudaSwedish17-06-78
1975Carlos ReutemannGerman03-08-75
1975Carlos PaceBrazilian26-01-75
1974Carlos ReutemannUnited States06-10-74
1974Carlos ReutemannAustrian18-08-74
1974Carlos ReutemannSouth African30-03-74
1970Jack BrabhamSouth African07-07-70
1969Jacky IckxGerman03-08-69
1969Jacky IckxCanadian20-09-69
1967Jack BrabhamFrench02-07-67
1967Denny HulmeGerman06-08-67
1967Denny HulmeMonaco07-05-67
1967Jack BrabhamCanadian27-08-67
1966Jack BrabhamFrench03-07-66
1966Jack BrabhamGerman07-08-66
1966Jack BrabhamBritish16-07-66
1966Jack BrabhamDutch24-07-66
1964Dan GurneyFrench28-06-64

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