Jack Brabham's F1 Winning Races

The following list is the Formula 1 Grand Prix races won by Jack Brabham. Click on a year or race to view more related details of other races for that race track or year.

Jack Brabham's F1 Grand Prix Wins

Nationality: Australian
Victories: 14
Year Race Race Date Team
1970South African GP07-07-70Brabham Ford
1967Canadian GP27-08-67Brabham Repco
1967French GP02-07-67Brabham Repco
1966German GP07-08-66Brabham Repco
1966Dutch GP24-07-66Brabham Repco
1966British GP16-07-66Brabham Repco
1966French GP03-07-66Brabham Repco
1960Portuguese GP14-08-60Cooper Climax
1960British GP16-07-60Cooper Climax
1960French GP03-07-60Cooper Climax
1960Belgian GP19-06-60Cooper Climax
1960Dutch GP06-06-60Cooper Climax
1959British GP18-07-59Cooper Climax
1959Monaco GP10-05-59Cooper Climax

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