Formula 1 Winners from the 2006 Grand Prix Season

The following list is the F1 Grand Prix winners during 2006. Click on a Driver to view full details of all that drivers Formula 1 victories over time.

2006 F1 Championship Winner

Driver Fernando Alonso

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2006 Constructor's Championship Winner

Team Renault

2006 Race Winners

Race Race Date Winning Driver Winning Team
Bahrain GP12-03-06Fernando AlonsoRenault
Malaysian GP19-03-06Giancarlo FisichellaRenault
Australian GP02-04-06Fernando AlonsoRenault
San Marino GP23-04-06Michael SchumacherFerrari
European GP07-05-06Michael SchumacherFerrari
Spanish GP14-05-06Fernando AlonsoRenault
Monaco GP28-05-06Fernando AlonsoRenault
British GP11-06-06Fernando AlonsoRenault
Canadian GP25-06-06Fernando AlonsoRenault
United States GP02-07-06Michael SchumacherFerrari
French GP16-07-06Michael SchumacherFerrari
German GP30-07-06Michael SchumacherFerrari
Hungarian GP06-08-06Jenson ButtonHonda
Turkish GP27-08-06Felipe MassaFerrari
Italian GP10-09-06Michael SchumacherFerrari
Chinese GP01-10-06Michael SchumacherFerrari
Japanese GP08-10-06Fernando AlonsoRenault
Brazilian GP22-10-06Felipe MassaFerrari

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